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Search all your appointments

Unlimited search for appointments with a doctor within 36 hours, with your family doctor or with a specialist
We can look for a appointment for you!

Can't find a medical appointment? Our new exclusive service takes over and searches for you. When it finds an appointment, it notifies you.
Talk to a nurse

Don’t wait to see a doctor to talk about your health! Book an appointment by e-consult with our nurses who will answer your questions and give you advice.
Anxiety, stress, insomnia, adjustment disorder, irritability?

Our team of nurses can help you (because mental health needs to be talked about)! Book an appointment by e-consult, included with your membership.
Need birth control?

Get a prescription or refill online for your birth control. Have it delivered to your home for free with a new turnkey service offered by Medzy affiliated pharmacists!
Urinary tract infection? We have a solution for you

Our Medzy-affiliated partner pharmacists can assess your condition and quickly determine the care you need, from the comfort of your home. Service available to women only.
Find an appointment for all your specialized tests

Need to see a specialist or undergo a specialized test? Our team of nurses will search for appointments for you and do the necessary follow-ups!

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Consult a physiotherapist in the comfort of your own home

Through the professionals at Physiothérapie Universelle, receive physiotherapy services via telerehabilitation without having to leave your home!
Search for appointments with specialists

Our network includes hundreds of specialists working in various specialties such as neurology, dermatology, gynaecology and many more.
Talk to a nutritionist

Whether you're looking for advice on a balanced diet, cardiovascular health, healthy weight management or other, our team of nutritionists is available to help you.

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