Do you have a health concern that requires an emergency appointment with a doctor? Wait no longer!

Through our partner UnionMD, Bonjour-santé members can get a doctor's appointment in less than 24 hours at one of UnionMD's private clinics in the Montreal and Gatineau regions. Paid appointment with an exclusive discount for Bonjour-santé members.

Patients of all ages are welcomed and can consult a doctor for various types of emergency, including:

  • Minor injuries that require stitches
  • Bronchitis, ear pain and congested sinuses
  • UTIs
  • Severe and persistent headaches
  • Minor injuries that require stitches
  • Sudden allergic reactions
  • Sprains or bone injuries that require an X-ray
  • Testing for sexually transmitted diseases or blood infections
  • Etc.
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